Key Focuses of our Outreach/Witness:  

We can't do everything but we can do things that matter most in our context. If we strive to do these things well, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of people in our church and community. Notice that many of these objectives are interdependent.



Economic Empowerment: Helping people to be free financially, and obtain economic stability through various levels of support and education.

Examples of how we foster this: Scholarship Fund, Home Ownership Workshops, Jobs 4 Life Curriculum, Mission Outreach, Caritas Partnership, Financial Fundamentals, VITA Volunteer Income Tax Program, Job Fair, Business Support.



Educational Empowerment: Helping people to be empowered through educational support. When we learn more, we can achieve more.

Examples of how we foster this: Scholarship Fund events and activities, Moving Up/Graduate Sunday, School Partnerships, Supply Drives, Tutoring, Spiritual Gifts Assessment and Teaching, Discover Me Curriculum (2019), WAR classes, etc. Training and Development opportunities for church ministries and staff.





Employment Empowerment: Jobs for Life host site, Business Owner Recognition