The Light’s History

The Light Community Church family is so thankful to God for the blessing granted to us through the years. We eagerly look ahead, with great anticipation, to what God will continue to do as we strive to Live, Love and Shine.

Pastor Kimberly Ridley

Rev. Kimberly Ridley, M.Div., Pastor

September, 2010 – The Light Community Church (TLCC) began with a vision many years before there were any members. During the year of 2010, God compelled Pastor Kimberly Ridley to begin work on the vision so that it would become a reality. After the blessing, prayer, and send off from her home church (The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church), where Pastor Ridley had been a member for 17 years and on staff for six, she began to network and share the church vision with the launch team.

TLCC held its first official worship service at Hermitage High School in Richmond, Virginia, thus creating an extension of Kingdom-building that would usher in a movement designed to save souls by living, loving, and shining God’s marvelous light under the leadership of The Reverend Kimberly A. Ridley, Pastor and Visionary.

– TLCC celebrated its first anniversary, and what a time it was! By now, TLCC had more than 100 members connected to its 21 ministries.


Hermitage High School Auditorium


Parham Road Baptist Church

2012 – TLCC moved its services from Hermitage High School to Parham Road Baptist Church by invitation of Pastor Spencer Dillard.

2013 – By the end of July, TLCC was gifted a church and the first TLCC service was held in its new space. The former Stukeley Hall Baptist Church at 601 Azalea Avenue became TLCC’s new home. Rather than sell the church building after 66 years in existence, Stukeley Hall Baptist Church chose to bless TLCC with its building so that God’s work to strengthen the Henrico community could continue. The building sits on three acres of land, and was given to The Light Community Church for free. An official dedication service for our new location as well as the 13-year anniversary of Pastor Ridley’s preaching ministry was held.

2014 – We continued with worship in our new location and were blessed to begin renovations to the basement area of our church which had been unused for 20 years. For the first time, our church was able to study, worship, and work in the same space.


The Light Community Church

2015 – Renovations and upgrades continued. We added a playground to our property, so that kids in our congregation and community could come to play.

2016 – By the Grace of God, today we are celebrating our 6th Church Anniversary which began with a Friends and Family Fellowship.

Looking back through the years, we are amazed at God’s grace and goodness, and joyfully follow His lead, anxiously awaiting what He has in store for us!