Jobs for Life, Classes begin March 14, 2017

The Light Community Church is proud to be a host site of Jobs for Life. The Jobs for Life class offers healing, hope, purpose and help to men and women just like you.  Developing character, becoming connected to a community of support, and helping them obtain far more than just a job are focal points of the Jobs for Life program.  For years, the Church has been engaged in the fight to break the cycle of poverty. A majority of the Church’s efforts and resources for those in need however, begins with food, housing, and clothing. At the bottom of the list is work.

What if the church put work at the top of list!  “What if the church flipped the list?” Take a look at this short video on what could happen. Click Here

This is a massive effort and we can’t do this without YOU! For more information on how you can get plugged in to volunteer or for more information on how you can set up an interview for the upcoming class as a student participant contact:

Tony Elam: (phone) 804-516-9818 or via (email) Click below to download your “Volunteer Background Form” or “Applicant Background Form” to get you started:

Volunteer Background Form

Applicant Background Information Form

For even more information vist the Jobs for Life website Here