Core Values

This is a summarized version of our Core Values. All of them are based on scripture. Members at The Light Community Church study them in more detail with their related scripture references.

  1. Our Theology and Ordinances: We believe in the Trinity and observe ordinances that are based on Christ’s example and instruction.
  2. Our Calling and Commission: Our commission is the Great Commission, and we embrace people of all cultures, races and socioeconomic status.
  3. Our Contribution: We add light to darkness.
  4. Our Character: We serve generously, joyfully, and with a sense of gratitude in kingdom work.
  5. Our Divine Destiny: God has good plans for all people.
  6. Our Priority: Relationships trump religiosity.
  7. Our Responsibility: To make ministry relevant to everyday life (relating the WORD to our WORLD).
  8. Our Kingdom Service: We are blessed to be a blessing.
  9. Our Commitment to Collaboration: We realize that intentional partnerships and meaningful collaboration can enhance the kingdom of God and the universal church.
  10. Our Position on Stages of Life, Status, and the Afterlife: We believe that each stage of life is important and celebrate the joys of each age and stage of life. Death will come to every person. Those who are saved will go to heaven, and those who are not will have an alternate eternal experience.